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Here’s how wedding place card holder favors can be put to use

Okay, we’ve talked about uses for the wedding place card holder, but not about ways to make it a little more fun.

To recap, these items can double as a wedding favor because many of the modern designs are classy enough to display all the time anywhere. For example, the Adirondack chair place card holder can hold a photo or a candle and would look good on any shelf or porch.

If you don’t want to use place card holders as a wedding favor, they still make an excellent wedding decoration, especially if they help to carry your theme.

So we’ve talked about what they are and why to use them, now let’s talk about some fun ways to incorporate the wedding place card holder.

If you want to have a table at the front of the reception area that is full of wedding place card holders and have guests find their table based on what they see on the card. Here’s some ways to do this:

  • You can number tables and guests follow the number on the card to their seat.

  • You can assign colors to the table either by a floral arrangement, centerpiece, or tablecloth and put the color on the card.

  • You can designate each table with the name of a beach, island, or city name if your theme fits this possibility.

  • You can name each table after a different flower or tree for a garden or floral theme.

  • You can name each table after a different character for a fairy tale or Disney theme.

  • You can have a different centerpiece on each table if that fits and designate the unique centerpiece on the place card holder.

  • You get the idea. We’ll let your imagination take over from here.

If you want to put the place card holders on the tables so your guests can find them there, there are a couple of options.
  • You could simply put the guests’ names on the cards and they could find them from there.

  • Or (this is a lot of work, but would be fun), you can put photos of your guests (current photos or old photos, depending on how you think your guests would respond) on the wedding place card holder and let them find their way with that method.
No matter how you decide to use it, a wedding place card holder is a great addition to any detail oriented wedding.

Cost saving tip: You don’t have to have a wedding place card holder for everyone. You can just have one for each couple or family. That way, you may only need one or two per table!

Wedding place card holders that double as wedding favors and carry your theme can be found at the Wedding Ideas Store.

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