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Save on custom monogram cake toppers and custom self-inking address and monogram stamps.

Wedding invitations seem easy at first. Endless options, etiquette issues, and wording change that perception quickly. Save hours of time by following these tips.

Platinum Border Printable Invitation Kit
You have probably looked around the web to find great wedding invitations. If so, you already know that there are lots of options. Most of the websites are not very user friendly. Looking at page after mind numbing page of slow loading pictures of one wedding invitation design after another coupled with endless wording and text design options can give anyone a headache.

So our recommendation is to take matters into your own hands. Instead of spending all of that time waiting for computer pages to load all those images of wedding invitations, spend a little time learning what to say and what not to say. That's really the important part.

And in the spirit of learning how to say what you want to say, here's some help...
Verse It is a great, free information site with interactive tools to help you figure out etiquette for your wedding invitations, such as what to do if your parents are divorced and both will be helping to pay for the wedding. You simply pick your situation from a drop down menu and voila!

The same thing goes for wording. Just pick your scenario from the menu and up pops a suggestion - and there's a "printable" option so you can get a printer-friendly copy of the page. (TIP: select the text, right click on it and choose COPY, then paste it into a Word document. Then, when it comes time to order your invitation design, you can paste the text into the order page, eliminating those dreadful misspellings). We also have a quick overview on

The Address It page of this site shows examples of techniques and comes with a printable page to use as an alignment aid for handwritten addresses.

There's even a page to show you how to use ribbons to make bows for your wedding invitations!

Picking wedding invitations seems easy at first. When you see how many options there are,this changes.

You will probably feel more confused after you start looking than when you began. Additionally, you might not have a great feel for what you are getting because most sites don't do a great job of answering all your questions on one page. For example, what is the thickness of the paper? Are the lined envelopes included? Do the invitations come assembled? The questions could go on and on. The problem is, you don't get married every day so you don't know what's missing.

So, you have 2 options:

1. One thing that’s becoming more popular every day is printable invitations. You can buy a printable wedding invitation kit including all the paper and envelopes you’ll need and print out the text using your home computer and printer.

2. Have your wedding invitations professionally made.

For most people, finding the right wedding invitation design is a matter of looking at the real thing in a sample book or at a store, feeling the texture of the paper, looking closely at the lettering, and going from there. Much like deciding on wedding cake designs, you won't necessarily know exactly what you like until you look through lots of wedding invitations that you don't like.

Then, when you see the one for you, it will leap right out at you. You'll know it for sure.

A new way of managing your mailing list and RSVP's is available if you have a personal wedding website. Usually, a mailing list manager and email RSVP response manager is built into the software. So you can store all your addresses on your site's control panel and your guests can RSVP via email while you quickly update your list of attendees on the computer as well.

By the way, we’ll talk about wedding shower invitations, save the date cards, save the date magnets, thank you cards, wedding announcements, wedding programs, place cards, and wedding guestbooks elsewhere on the site. So if you need more info about any of these, click on the link and we’ll see you over there.

Read some answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about invitations, thank yous, and save the date cards.

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