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Some FAQs about wedding invitations and other printed materials:

What should I do before I think about wedding invitations?

The big stuff. Have your date and time set in stone for your ceremony and reception site. Also, contact a suitable hotel or two and prearrange special rates for your out of town visitors. Then you can include this information with their invitations.

How far in advance should I order wedding invitations?

Ideally, you should have your invitations in hand 3 months out. If your wedding date is less than 3 months away already, rest assured that rush service and delivery is usually available, but it often costs a little more.

Cost is a factor. What is the minimum I should do regarding wedding invitations?

At a minimum, you should send invitations to your guests 4 to 6 weeks before the event with return envelopes stamped and addressed. See printable invitations for ways to really save money.

Thank you cards are not an option either. However, these are far less expensive and can be very informal.

Cost is not a factor, what other wedding invitation related items should I consider?

For out of town guests, save the date cards will help them plan and save them money since they'll have more time to arrange accommodations. If you donít plan to send save the date cards, consider spreading the word to friends and family via email or a personal phone call.

Wedding announcements can be sent to friends or family that werenít invited to the wedding ceremony (like if you had a small wedding and only close friends and family were present). These are normally sent the day of or the day after the wedding. Have them addressed and ready to go beforehand, and you can ask your maid of honor or other designee to send them for you. You may get a gift from someone who receives a wedding announcement but donít expect one. Send these out NO LATER THAN one month after your ceremony.

When should I send my wedding invitations?

Send your wedding invitations 4 to 6 weeks prior to your wedding date. Don't forget to have your invitations weighed at the post office. The enclosures (maps, RSVP cards, etc.) can make your invitation weigh enough to cost more than the usual 37 cents.

When should I send my save the date cards?

Save the date cards can be sent anytime from 6 months or more before your wedding date to as little as 3 months beforehand. You don't have to have the times for your event set in stone to send these out, but the date must be firm.

The stores where I registered gave me little cards to tell my guests where I am registered. Should I send these cards to my friends and family with my invitations or save the date cards?

NO! Sending a reference to your registries is considered a major faux pas from every proper wedding etiquette expert. It sends the message that you expect your guests to bring you a gift. Your closest friends and relatives can spread the word about where you are registered, and many know how to check the major retailers (like Target; Bed, Bath, & Beyond; JCPenney; etc.) to see if youíre registered there. There are two conditions where itís okay to indicate the stores where you are registered. (1) In the bridal shower invitation, because you are not the one sending the invitations or hosting the party. And (2) On your wedding website, if you have one set up.

How long do I have to send thank you cards?

Etiquette sources vary on this one. Some sources say that you should get thank you cards out to those who attended your wedding or gave you a gift within 2 to 3 weeks, while others say you have up to 2 months. Either way, you must send thank you cards for every single gift you receive! Itís the polite thing to do. Reduce some of the post-wedding burden by writing your thank you cards as soon as you receive a gift (especially before your wedding day). And donít forget to save some of your thank you cards for gifts sent to you after your wedding. Itís considered okay for guests to send wedding gifts up to 1 year after your big day.

What should I know about wedding invitation wording?

You'll find great wording suggestions on Verse It, in an easy to use format. You can find the link on our invitation information page, just a couple of paragraphs down from the top.

What should I know about thank you card wording?

Thank you cards should always include the individualís name and a reference to the specific gift that was given. If the gift was cash, donít mention the amount. Indicate the way you are using or plan to use the gift. (Never say that you returned someoneís gift or gave it away.) Ideally, handwrite these and send one even if youíve thanked them in person. Again, check out our link to Verse It here.

How do I decide how formal to be with my wedding invitations?

The formality and style of your invitations is completely up to you. That being said, your invitations should give your guests an idea of what to expect at your wedding and reception, like how formal or casual to dress. Read more about wedding invitation wording and style here.

Where can I look at some examples of wedding invitations?

There are a whole lot of websites selling wedding invitations. Unfortunately, most of them are difficult to navigate and place orders. Without seeing the product in front of you, so many of your questions go unanswered by most of the invitation dealers (e.g., the quality and thickness of the paper, what is included with your order, what will the invitation look like when our names are on there and not the sample names, etc.). We know how difficult it can be to find a good wedding invitation retailer. Our invitations information page contains a link to our favorite online invitation dealer.

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