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The wedding guestbook is no longer just a book. It can be an album, a matted picture, even a plate!

That's right, a plate! The wedding guestbook has grown up. There's nothing wrong with the good old fashioned guestbook. In fact, even if you go with one of the latest trends such as a photo album guestbook, you might want to keep a traditional guestbook along with the new one. We'll talk about that in a minute.

First, the basics. Simple, really. You have a wedding guestbook of whatever variety sitting at the entrance to your wedding ceremony. Very likely, tending this area might be a child or adult helper handing out programs and whatever else you feel like giving your guests (rice, butterflies, flower petals, etc.). Guests sign your book, you have someone bring it to a prominent place at the reception so everyone can get an opportunity to sign and.... You have a keepsake and a nice memory of your family and friends whenever you look at it. When will you look at it?

If you're like most people, once or never. Maybe on a 25th or 50th anniversary…if you can find it.

THIS IS WHY THE NEW WEDDING GUESTBOOKS ARE SO COOL! Having a beautiful platter with everyone's signature means you can actually display it (or serve food on it - okay, it's a plate and it's useful but not for food) and have those good memories often, not to mention a great conversation starter for your future house guests.

Or how about this? Place a disposable camera in a basket next to one of the new photo album guestbooks (or a polaroid camera). Have a prominently displayed card or attendant instruct guests to take a quick picture as they sign. Develop the pictures later, put them into the photo album guestbook in the places provided and you have a very displayable, very fun wedding guestbook. Awesome (exciting, cool, groovy, whatever your word of choice is)!

Framed photos (of the two of you, of course) with extra large matting for guests' signatures and personal notes are all the rage now, too. And might we add, a very attractive addition to your wall. Picture this, your husband to be has a neon beer sign on the wall that just HAS TO GO. How can he argue with your romantic suggestion that he replace this juvenile obsession with a classy memoir of your all important commitment to each other?

Win, win. You get rid of the horrible sign. He gets...well, he gets an opportunity to show that he loves you more than beer.

And even if this doesn't apply to you or you don't see yourself using this wedding guestbook idea, there's something you might not have considered at the following link. A signature guest book frame has a very meaningful use that is often overlooked.

Not to be outdone, the instant photo wedding guest book (also known as the Polaroid wedding guest book), has possibilities for use that go beyond even being a guest book.

Digital photo wedding guest books are a new way to give a memento to the bride and groom or just the bride at a bridal shower. Especially good for group photos, you can take pictures of families or groups of guests for a picture on one page and have everyone sign on the opposing page. Alternatively, you can have guests bring a picture of them and the bride and/or groom from some time in the past for a little reminiscing and fun.

Now finally, there is nothing wrong with a traditional wedding guestbook. In fact, it's generally about half to a third of the cost of the other options. And you can keep one in addition to the new methods as well. You choose the method. You could keep the traditional wedding guestbook at the ceremony and use the new style wedding guestbook at the reception. It's your wedding and you can relax and have fun with this idea.

Unique and traditional wedding guestbook ideas are available at our store.

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