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Save on custom monogram cake toppers and custom self-inking address and monogram stamps.

Self inking address stamp – customize your wedding for very little time, money, or effort.

See all custom self inking address stamp designs.

You can make a big difference with the small details by using a self inking address stamp for your do it yourself wedding projects. Customization is a big part of wedding decorations and stationery these days and it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.

No matter what kind of budget you have, using personal address stamps or monogram stamps can add a new level of personalization, style, and attention to detail for very little money.

If you are a whiz with a computer and can make printable invitations and stationery all day, you can use these stamps to add one more layer of expertise to your project.

If you shudder at the thought of using a computer to add personalization to your wedding stationery items, place cards, and so on, you’re in luck. If you can put your self inking address stamp over the item you want to stamp and push down, you’ll look like a pro.

Here is all you need to know about this cool new gadget:

You simply pick a design for a monogram letter in the style that you want or pick a custom design with your wedding logo, return address, or combination thereof.

When you get it out of the box, it’s ready to use. Just visually align it on the surface you want to stamp and press down. Done.

The inking surface rotates 180 degrees as you push down and reverses on the way up. That ensures the design surface will return and stay in the “inkwell” part of the stamp (which doubles as the handle). The stamped design size varies - check our individual product descriptions or see our sizing chart on our store's self inking stamps page.

Why use self inking stamps instead of stamps and pads?

Good question. A self inking stamp makes a cleaner impression without smudges more easily and more quickly. To make a similar impression with a stamp and pad, you’ll probably want to paint the ink onto the stamp or wipe excess ink away between uses.

If you don't, you can end up with smudges and spots. This adds time to the process. Also, if you're using specialty stationery, labels, or boxes, you'll want to minimize mistakes to save expense.

If you want to get the most use out of your stamp, you'll want it to be easy to make a clean, sharp, aligned impression without taking too much time or effort. For these purposes, self inking address stamps are a great solution.

There are lots of benefits to using a self inking address stamp:

  • You can choose from different styles of monograms or create custom designs.

  • Operation is as simple as visually aligning and pressing down.

  • The ink lasts for a long time – approximately 10,000 to 14,000 impressions.

  • These personal address stamps and monogram stamps are cheap enough that you can get more than one design if you want to mix things up a bit.

  • It’s easy to experiment – simply try it on a given surface. If you like it, good. If you don’t, you’ve only lost the amount of time it takes to push the button down.

The list of uses for self inking address stamps is only limited by your imagination and determination. We’ll get you started with a few ideas.

Favor boxes – Try stamping your wedding logo or monogram on favor boxes.

Favor labels – Perfect for monogram stamps, add a bit more décor and carry your theme on favor labels (note: use paper based labels. Clear labels generally require a laser printer for smudge free designs).

Card stock items – Anything made of cardstock or cardboard is fair game for using stamps.

Coasters – Make your own coasters by using your monogram stamp on blank coasters made from pulpboard or any other material that suits your eye.

Envelopes – Use a return address stamp on envelopes.

Save the date cards – Stamp your address or logo on these for an easy and professional touch. If you are having a destination wedding, consider stamping luggage tags to send with your save the date cards.

Map/Direction Cards – Again, this is a great place for using a self inking address stamp, right next to the directions or map to your location.

Return addresses – Stamp your return address anywhere it’s needed.

Personal stationery – Check the designs to see options for stationery uses.

Gifts for bridesmaids - A self inking address stamp or monogram stamp is a great gift for your bridal party that they can use for long time to come.

Also consider using self inking address stamps on these items:

Gift tags
Favor labels
Place cards
Luggage tags
Menu Cards

Design options for custom self inking address stamps.

More uses for address stamps.

If you'd like to put a totally custom design of your very own on the stamps, we can do that, too. Just contact us and we'll tell you the file format we need. We may be able to convert your file or create one for you (with an emailed proof). Just email or call and we'll give you the details.

Now that we've been selling monogram and logo stamps for awhile, we've figured out how to quickly transfer designs from and to other items such as monogram cake toppers, labels, and place cards. This saves you lots of money in setup fees and time in getting the right file types and designs.

It's an idea that's only getting more popular with our brides. We now handle all the artwork with our own software, so there's no confusion or delay in getting changes and products made. Proofs are included in our prices - so that part is easy, too.

Find self inking address stamps at our store.