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An instant photo wedding guest book probably has more uses than all of the other wedding guest book ideas combined.

Of all the unique wedding guest book ideas, an instant photo wedding guest book offers more possibilities than you can imagine. From carefully crafted masterpiece done after the wedding day to scrapbook made as a wedding reception project, this unique wedding guest book alternative can do it all.

It's simple really. In its most spontaneous form, you can use a Polaroid camera (the pages are custom cut for this type of picture) to save great memories as they happen. That's why you'll often hear people call this great idea a Polaroid wedding guest book.

But you can also use a photo wedding guest book more formally. Have guests sign it at the reception and take a great digital picture to put in whenever you get around to printing the pictures.

And there's an even more special way to use a photo wedding guest book that we'll tell you about at the end of the page. But first, here are some great ideas for incorporating this unique wedding guest book.

  • You can limit the subject matter, asking guests to write about a certain theme, such as the reception or a favorite childhood memory.

  • You can let them write whatever they want to write.

  • You can tie your photo frame wedding favors to your photo wedding guest book. Just have your guests' picture taken for the wedding favor and the guest book at the same time.

  • Especially if you're having a smaller wedding, you can put fun pictures of your guests and/or their families in the pages in advance - all they have to do is write in it by their picture.

  • A photo wedding guest book is an especially great gift for a bridal shower. Take pictures and fill it out at the wedding shower or make it in advance for a gift that will have the bride laughing and crying (happy tears, of course) at the same time.

  • You can display the guest book in your house on a mantle, shelf, or as a coffee table conversation piece.

You can take over from here with your own special twist on this great wedding idea. But as promised, there is one more great use for a photo wedding guest book.

A photo wedding guest book doesn’t have to be used as a guest book at all!

We talked about this wedding idea on another page. We suggested using the signature guest book frame as a wonderful gift of appreciation for your parents, grandparents, siblings, or friends.

Used in this way, the photo wedding guest book can be an even more powerful expression of the love and appreciation you have for the person to whom you give it.

Page after page of kind words surrounding page after page of pictures of great memories will mean more for longer than most any other way of saying that you care.

Imagine your parents looking through a collection of pictures of you or your whole family along with your words of gratitude, funny stories, and more loving words. They'd laugh, cry, and absolutely love it. Friends, siblings, grandparents - whoever you gave it to, would cherish it for years to come.

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