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Make your own personalized envelope seals and use them in unique ways.

If you’re trying to make a big difference with the small details, personalized envelope seals are an easy way to make it happen. The materials are cheap, the uses are many, and the impact is, of course, big. The fact that you thought to customize such a minor detail actually has a big impact because, for most people, it would be easy to overlook such a thing.

We said the materials are cheap a line or two ago and this is easy to see. Basically, we’re talking about stickers here. And it doesn’t take much to find envelope seals that complement your theme somehow – a simple letter or design that matches some element of your wedding theme will do the trick nicely.

The nicer your envelope seals are, the more you’ll want to use them across your wedding events. Use them:

  • On bridal shower invitations and wedding invitations.

  • On thank you cards, wedding announcements, or other correspondence with envelopes.

  • On glassine envelopes full of wedding toss rice or ecofetti.

  • On CD wedding favor sleeves.

Most importantly, use them on do it yourself favor boxes or bags to turn a simple container into a theme enhancing wedding decoration.

Now here’s where it gets really cool. You can make do it yourself personalized envelope seals that look a lot better than seals you buy because you can customize them.

You’ll need:

A custom or regular monogram/logo stamp or embosser.

Envelope seals of your choice that are large enough to accommodate your stamp or embosser (1.5 inches in our example) – Consider foil envelope seals if you’re using an embosser and white or colored (not clear) stickers if you decide to use a stamp.

How to make do it yourself personalized envelope seals:

All you do now is align your embosser or stamp over the seals and press down. It’s that simple but the impact is huge. It’ll seem like you spared no expense but you’ll know better.

But that’s not all. When you’re done making your personalized envelope seals, you can use the stamps and embossers anywhere else you choose – on wedding favor labels, stationery items, and anywhere else your imagination allows. Very simply and inexpensively, for almost no extra time at all, you’ve made a big difference with a small detail while saving money and carrying your wedding theme. Keep up the good work.