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Save on custom monogram cake toppers and custom self-inking address and monogram stamps.

Monogram wedding cake toppers will give you the option of customization without compromise.

There is a little issue that monogram wedding cake toppers can solve for you. One of the things that you'll find as you start to look for wedding cake toppers is that you won't like a lot of them.

We're not talking about crystal wedding cake toppers or cake toppers that are more abstract. However, if you don't like those, you'll probably be looking for figures and this is where it gets tough.

The figures that are used on cake toppers represent you as the happy couple. Probably for the same reason that we notice our own flaws more than other people do, we start to notice the flaws in those figures that represent us on the cake.

Sure, you can get close - blond hair or a marine uniform or whatever - but if you look at them long enough, you'll start critiquing, too. Now this doesn't apply if you're getting a humorous cake topper such as a bride dragging the groom, but humorous cake toppers are not for everyone.

The solution to this growing discontent with your traditional cake topper - monogram wedding cake toppers!

There are a lot of good things about monogram wedding cake toppers.

  • Nobody, not the best nor the worst looking person, looks like a letter - so the comparison issue is gone.

  • Monogram wedding cake toppers can fit in with any theme - so there's no issue there.

  • Monogram wedding cake toppers will fit in with any crowd. Whether you and your guests are formal or casual, serious or funny, functional or dysfunctional, these toppers fit in with ease - so there is no compatibility issue.

  • Finally, monogram wedding cake toppers can be custom made EXACTLY how you want them (keep reading and we'll tell you how in a minute).
Try getting the little man or woman that's about to spend the night standing on your cake to look EXACTLY the way you want. Even if you could, you'll be able to customize your monogram wedding cake toppers for a lot less.

By the way, a lot of people wonder how these cake toppers stay on the cake. There are prongs that stick out of the bottom of the letter(s) and into the cake. Don't worry, when you order a 3 or 5 inch letter, the prong length is not included in that figure. On custom metal cake toppers, the prongs are removable so you can display them for years to come.

There are a few options to think about.

The big ones are:

Do you want 1, 2, or 3 letters?

What color do you want? Generally, silver, gold, and brushed metals are what you'll see.

The small ones are:

What font do you want? If you have a monogram theme, stick with that. Otherwise, whatever you want.

Three letter brushed metal monogram cake topper.

How tall do you want it? - think about your cake size for this one. Typically for a single monogram, you would want the initial topper to be an inch or so shorter than your cake is wide.

See our individual product descriptions on the store cake topper page for suggestions for 3 letter monograms or initials and ampersands.

Do you want silver? Aluminum? Acrylic mirror?

Do you want a smooth metal appearance or a jewel-encrusted look?

There are a few standard types of "off the shelf" designs. Typically, they come in either block or script (cursive) type fonts with or without rhinestones or similar crystal decorations.

A nice mix between "off the shelf" (not custom) and custom designs is our cake jewelry style monogram letters. These monograms are, of necessity, limited to a font that can be woven with ribbon without hiding much of the letter. But, they can be customized with crystal color choices. See our jewelry style cake toppers page for more details.

If you want more control, then custom order your monogram wedding cake toppers. There are endless possibilities but here are the main points:

There are different sizes (3 and 5 inch standard but you can email us for options in half inch intervals from 2.5 inches to 6 inches).

There are different finishes, such as gold and silver.

There are different materials, like brushed aluminum, acrylic mirror,24K gold plated, and silver plated cake toppers.

There are different fonts. Just select "other" when ordering and specify any other font you wish.

You can get one, two, or three letters.

Custom monogram wedding cake toppers are inexpensive - you can get custom designs for the same or less than many of the standard designs on the market.

Turnaround time is quick - our custom monogram cake toppers ship within 15 business days.

There are no backorders - Since custom monogram cake toppers are made to order, there is no issue with backordered or out of stock items.

You can decorate monogram wedding cake toppers on your own or create a custom Swarovski crystal monogram cake topper (crystals available for toppers during the order process).

crystal covered monogram wedding cake topper Still have questions? Just see our monogram wedding cake topper comparison chart and FAQ's or contact us.

Bottom line - If you're having a hard time finding the perfect cake topper, think about using monogram wedding cake toppers. We think you'll have a lot more success in finding the design you want. In fact, you may even find that you like the design so much that you'll want to use it as part of your theme or incorporate it by using it with your decorations, monogram wedding favors, monogram wedding labels, or even place cards.

This place card is a perfect example of using the font of a cake topper on other items in your wedding. We offer this item and many more like it at our store.

For do it yourself wedding decorations and stationery, we've added and will continue to add new options for unique design and even custom self inking monogram stamps that you can have designed to match the font of your cake topper.