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Save on custom monogram cake toppers and custom self-inking address and monogram stamps.

A monogram embosser turns do it yourself wedding projects into quick, easy, and professional-looking creations.

One of the coolest things in the world of weddings (we think) is the monogram embosser.

This is the answer for those of you that are exhausted from fighting with your computer, its programs that refuse to interact with each other, and the always difficult printer and paper feeding issues for your non standard size wedding stationery items.

Now, you can still have all the customization that you want without all of that hassle. Not only that, but we’ll bet you’ll finish your projects a lot quicker than your keyboard-bound friends.

And if you are a computer mastermind, you can use them too for an accent that takes your printable invitations and stationery items to a new level.

Because you simply slide your monogram embosser over the paper, seals, or cardstock you want to emboss, alignment is a snap. You simply press down, admire your excellent work, and repeat. You’ll have a raised image much like a notary would make with your own personal address, monogram, or a host of other options.

Here’s what this cool little gadget is about. About the size of small staplers, monogram embossers have two discs spaced apart to give you room to slide anything from envelope seals to paper and just about anything in between.

Then, you simply press down (the heavier the paper, the harder you should press) and that’s quite literally it.

The advantages are many:

  • You can choose from different styles of monograms or create custom designs.

  • Operation is as simple as visually aligning and pressing down.

  • You won’t run out of ink. That means you can use your monogram embosser for as long as you want.

  • Speaking of use, you can change the embosser cartridge in your monogram embosser to use different designs.

  • Or, if you only use one now, you can keep your monogram embosser and order a new embossing cartridge later for your personal use or someone else you know.

  • Experimentation doesn’t take a lot of time. Unlike computer graphics projects, you don’t have to spend much time experimenting. Simply try to emboss something. If you like it, do it again. If you don’t, move on to the next thing.

Here’s the best part – different uses.
  • If you’re into do it yourself wedding projects, a monogram embosser can add a professional and customized monogram or wedding logo very quickly and easily.

  • Envelope seals – Emboss envelope seals for your wedding invitations, shower invitations, or save the date cards.

  • Favor box stickers – Emboss stickers that you use to seal or adorn wedding favor boxes or tins.

  • Envelopes – Emboss your envelopes with monograms or even return addresses.

  • Map/Direction Inserts – Addresses or logos can be embossed on map or direction inserts that you include with your wedding invitations.

  • Return addresses – Emboss your return address anywhere it’s needed.

  • Personal stationery – Check the designs to see options for stationery uses.

  • Napkins – Depending on the napkins you use, they may show an embossed design quite well. Napkins show embossed images quite well. Don’t have the time to emboss a stack of 200 napkins? Put your logo on every 5th napkin or so to make an impact without taking too much time.

  • Paper towels – You’re going all out if you do this, but if your washroom towels could benefit from a monogram, you will really be making a big difference with the small details.

  • Bridal party gifts or gifts for any occasion – A monogram or personalized embosser is a truly useful gift that your friends, family, or bridesmaids will be able to use for a long time to come. Gift idea: Give a monogram embosser to your shower hostess to really show your appreciation for all her efforts.

Limitations for Monogram Embossers

For all their uses, there are different types of embossers that handle certain things better than others.

Inexpensive embossers with a plastic die insert offer an affordable way to embellish most lightweight paper. But, their useful life may be shortened by cardstock (if they even work on it at all). You'll have to press harder to get an impression, which may lead to leaning on the embosser.

As you put weight on it, the alignment starts to suffer which is the beginning of the end of its usefulness. Just make sure you try it out before you buy a lot of cardstock or paper that you won't be able to use.

Heavy duty embossers can solve this problem, but are much more expensive to customize.

A workable solution is to avoid cardstocks and use embossers on things like vellum overlays, ribbon, stickers, seals, and thin papers. The impressions will look better and you'll avoid frustration.

It is tempting to try to use these types of embossers on heavier card stock and other items. At first, it seems to work fine. But with most weddings, you'll need a lot of impressions to finish your project. When it starts to misbehave halfway through your project, you'll end up wishing you hadn't begun. You will have wasted a lot of time and money on a broken embosser, special stationery you can't use anymore, and the project you started will possibly have to be thrown away.

One more thing to note - the more characters you use or the more intricate your design, the harder it will be to make a clear impression. Simple, clean designs work best. Our advice - an embosser design with fewer characters using a larger font size looks best and makes an image that really “leaves an impression.”

Also consider using monogram embossers on these items:

Gift tags

Favor labels

Place cards

Luggage tags

Menu Cards


Guest Books

Photo Albums

For a great alternative to the monogram embosser, consider a custom self inking stamp.