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Save on custom monogram cake toppers and custom self-inking address and monogram stamps.

Inexpensive wedding ideas that donít look inexpensive can be found by focusing on two things.

These inexpensive wedding ideas from a real wedding should help you get your imagination going. First, know the challenges to finding these ideas - then read the next paragraph to see our answer and approach. The first challenge is that "inexpensive means" different things to different people. The second is that you're going to have a tough time searching for general wedding ideas, sorting through all the possibilities, and finding one or two ideas you might actually use. The third problem is that you still want everything to be nice. That is, you don't want your inexpensive wedding ideas to produce something that seems cheap.

So we have a different approach. We'll talk about the areas to focus on for maximum effect. In other words, we'll discuss how to find and create your own inexpensive wedding ideas that look great, too.

There are two main things to think about when looking for inexpensive wedding ideas - presentation and creativity.

  • Presentation simply means the way your wedding decorations look.

  • Creativity is important because the more unique or creative your wedding ideas are, the less anyone notices how much anything might cost. The focus shifts from how nice everything is to how creative everything is.


When it comes to presentation, using color more often increases the effect of your wedding decorations and/or theme. Many brides have something here or there that matches the bridesmaids' dresses. But using your colors every chance you get is an inexpensive wedding idea that makes a big difference.

This wedding cake is a perfect example. Simple floral decorations, votive candles, and colors that blend with the reception room make this otherwise simple wedding cake look fantastic.

The other element of presentation to consider has to do with the arrangement of things. In other words, the manner in which things are displayed makes them more attractive.

This guest book table has an inexpensive instant photo wedding guest book and inexpensive bubble favors with attached ribbon that emphasizes the bride's colors. She also used a custom monogram in her wedding colors on printable programs for added effect.

As a display, this simple use of color and display adds to the effect of the wedding decorations as a whole. What could have been a guest book left on a table turned into a wedding theme enhancing guest book table that captured guests' attention and got more people to take pictures and sign.

This coffee bar simply uses elegantly displayed glass coffee mugs and a stylish coffeepot (most caterers can easily provide this). Creative display here provided an inexpensive wedding idea that dramatically improved the effect of an otherwise boring, unnoticed area of the wedding reception.

This display of cookie wedding favors was much more impressive than just throwing a favor on a table. The combination of using the wedding colors and displaying the favors in a tiered display added to this bride's wedding decorations and created a conversation piece for the guests.

Simple use of flower petals and a hurricane lamp for a centerpiece is all this small table needs. There are also a few small glass tea light holders in two heights to add dimension to the centerpiece. Color from the flowers and light from the candles keep the ambiance and theme while not overdoing it for the small size of the table - another example of an inexpensive wedding idea that looks great, too.


The other key element of inexpensive wedding ideas is creativity. This is not as hard as it sounds. Usually, it simply involves taking a traditional wedding idea and adding a little twist.

For example, the author's wedding was located some distance away from the reception hall. Instead of taking a limo, we found someone with a decked out RV - like a music group's tour bus - and took our wedding party to the reception in that.

Monogram cake toppers, cupcake wedding cakes, and do it yourself creative wedding ideas that incorporate custom designs or wedding logos are all examples of inexpensive wedding ideas that make a big difference for very little time or money.

For more on the subject, use the following link for an index of pages that will help you find creative and inexpensive wedding ideas. These will help you see things from a different angle and help you find specific wedding ideas as well.

As a final note, try to think of some details others would miss. Imagine experiencing your wedding as a guest. Think of needs you've had or things that have impressed you at other weddings and you'll be on your way:

  • Baskets of toiletries in restrooms.
  • Printable wedding programs bearing a logo you make on your computer or with self inking stamps.
  • Drinks for guests as they enter your reception.

These are all easily done inexpensive wedding ideas that cover details most people would overlook.

See our page about do it yourself wedding ideas for more on this subject.

Keep focusing on presentation, creativity, and the details and you'll have more inexpensive wedding ideas than you can possibly use. More importantly, you will have planned a wedding reception that is uniquely yours that will keep your guests entertained all night.

Find inexpensive wedding ideas at our store.