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Do it yourself monogram wedding cookies – a few tips for making them that you may not know about.

Do it yourself monogram wedding cookies are an easy way to make inexpensive, unique treats that look and taste great. If you’re a do it yourself bride, you’ll have fun making monogram wedding cookies. This is an enjoyable project because you can practice months ahead of time and if you end up not liking it, the worst case scenario is that you’ve got some cookies to eat. If you do like them, you can make them in advance and freeze them.

Best of all, many of the ideas you use to make your own monogram cookies can be used on other edible favor ideas or treats as well. The techniques here will also help you put a photo or logo on your treat, so you can consider that, too. We’ll get you started with a few options and you can run with this fun wedding idea from there. If your making do it yourself monogram wedding cookies, you can:

  • have them made for you and take over decorating from there.

  • create letters with piped royal icing.

  • use special pens to literally write on your cookies.

  • use rubber stamps with food coloring as the ink to stamp the logo or monogram on the cookies.
  • use edible frosting sheets with edible ink in a variety of ways. Read on for more.
If you want to use cookies that are already made and just decorate from there, read on because we’re just focusing on the monogram or decorated part here. When it comes to the actual cookies or treat that you want to decorate – we’ll leave that to you. There are tons of recipes online and in books for great treats. We couldn’t possibly cover them all.

If you don’t want to decorate the cookie or treat itself, consider wrapping undecorated cookies in cello or other wrapping. Then adorn the wrapping with a monogram label or embossed seal. If you wrap it in paper, you can use a self inking stamp to decorate the bag with your monogram.

Making letters or designs with piped royal icing.

The icing you’ll probably want to use for do it yourself monogram wedding cookies is called “royal icing”. If you’re a cook or baker you know all about this. If you’re not, it’s a simple, simple recipe. And find the recipe that works best for you. Go to or They’ve even got a video to show you how to make it.

After you’ve got your icing, you can pipe it on with decorating bags or…you can use edible frosting sheets. For more on those, keep reading. Some people like to create a solid layer of royal icing first, let it harden, and then pipe a thicker (less water) version of royal icing on top of that layer so that the letter “sits” on top of another layer of icing. Another option is to use special pens…

Pens that write on icing, cookies, or other treats.

You can get special pens with edible ink that write directly on royal icing, cookies, frosting sheets, or other items. Simple and easy to use, they usually allow for different widths of writing by angling the pens. This may well be the easiest way to make do it yourself monogram wedding cookies. Look for these at or similar retailers. They can also be incorporated with edible frosting sheets…

Edible Frosting Sheets

Edible frosting sheets make a lot of complicated designs easy to make. Primarily used for cakes, they can also be used with other treats. You can use rice paper to transfer designs made with piping gel – it will melt your design into a cake over a day or so. For more advanced ideas, you can print on edible frosting sheets with edible ink cartridges for computer printers, airbrush, stamp, or draw your designs on edible frosting sheets that will transfer to your treats. You can find rice paper at and edible frosting sheets and edible printer ink at They also offer “how to” information for their specific products.

Using Stamps

Another twist is to make do it yourself monogram wedding cookies with rubber stamps. For this, you can use food coloring as the “ink” for the rubber stamp. Simply stamp directly on royal icing or on rice paper and go from there.

If all this seems too complicated, you can still make wedding cookies, mini cakes, or cupcakes. Then just decorate with cello wrapping and a label or tag with a monogram, stamp, or embossed sticker/seal.

No matter what you decide to use, do it yourself monogram wedding cookies are an easy project that is fun to do. If you don’t like the way they look, there’s no loss. They’ll still taste good!

If you want do it yourself monogram wedding cookies, but the only part you want to do yourself is eat them, try here.


For rice paper and pens that write on food with edible ink, try

For edible frosting sheets and edible ink printer cartridges, try