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Save on custom monogram cake toppers and custom self-inking address and monogram stamps.

Great beach theme wedding favor ideas save money by acting as wedding decorations and wedding favors at the same time.

The beauty of a beach theme wedding favor is not only that many of these favor ideas serve as decorations (we'll get to that in a minute) but that so many things go with the beach.For example, in addition to the things we normally associate with the beach (sand, shells, fish, boats, etc.), there are lots of other things that fit perfectly.

  • Flower or garden theme wedding favors go perfectly because beaches are full of tropical flowers.

  • Wine themed favors work too because there is nothing like a moonlit dinner at an outdoor cafe on the beach.

  • Candle favors work well because it's easy to find candles that are made to match beach themes.

  • And most every form of favor, from bath confetti to cookie cutters is available in the form of something that relates to the beach.

NOTE: The beach theme wedding favor options described below can be seen at our beach wedding favor page. and, to a lesser extent, in the pictures below.

To use beach theme wedding favor ideas as decorations, you can:

  • Place candle beach wedding favors on tables in the center as a centerpiece.

  • Put floating flip flop candles in a pedestal bowl as a centerpiece (guests can take them home later).

  • Use drink coaster beach theme wedding favors as coasters at guests' tables.

  • Use any one of a number of clear gel candles as combination wedding favors and centerpiece/lighting wedding decorations. These come in floral designs in flute type glasses as well as in beach theme wedding favor glasses with sand, shells, starfish, etc.

  • Use wine or beach theme wine charms as decorations on guests' glasses at their tables. They'll take them home at the end as a wedding favor.

  • Use beach theme wedding favor place card holders to show guests' their tables.

  • Use beach theme photo holders as decorations at tables, around your beach wedding cake, or wherever else you'd like to decorate.

  • Use photo holders or place card holders to carry different elements of your theme. They come in lighthouse, sailboat, beach bag, adirondack chair, palm tree, and flip flop designs.

  • You can use mini lanterns that have a tealight inside as wedding favors and centerpieces.

  • Use candles that come in all sorts of shapes - palm trees, sea shells, starfish, sailboats, and more.

To look at some of these ideas in more detail, see our beach theme wedding favor store page.

A fun way to add a beach wedding theme to your favors, stationery, or decorations is to use a self inking stamp with a beach theme design. Beach theme labels can do the same thing, for very little expense. Don't forget, you can always customize a logo that can be used on our wedding items or with vendors of your own!

A few more thoughts about a beach wedding:

If you're having your ceremony and reception at a beach hotel, chances are, they'll have some things taken care of. But if they don't, you can find beach theme ceremony items like guestbooks, garters, unity candles, and ring bearer pillows at our beach wedding ceremony and beach wedding reception pages.

The beach itself will provide a lot of decoration for a beach ceremony. But, if you want to do more, or...

For a more thorough look at how to create a beach wedding theme, even if you're not at the beach, see our beach wedding theme page.

This page has lots of ideas for bringing the elements of the beach into the reception. It's actually written for the person that's having a beach theme reception in a location that's nowhere near the beach, so if that's you, you're in luck.

If you're having your reception at the beach, you've got an advantage. The setting should take care of the atmosphere. Instead, you can focus on some of the smaller details like beach wedding favor ideas. Even if you're not considering a Hawaiian wedding, you may find some ideas for a beach wedding at the Hawaiian theme wedding page.

If your beach wedding theme is part of a destination wedding, don't plan a thing before checking the latest reviews for your location at Just put your city/island name in the tool below to get the latest, most comprehensive reviews from travellers like you. We use it every where we go. You'll thank us for that tip when you get back. Have a great trip!

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