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Save on custom monogram cake toppers and custom self-inking address and monogram stamps.

A great wedding favor idea gives and decorates at the same time.

A great wedding favor idea will decorate your reception and/or carry your theme while entertaining and amusing your guests.

We've already talked about the big picture and why you should consider wedding favors. Now let's talk about how you'll come up with a great idea. If you already have an idea or would like to search with pictures of wedding favors instead of reading, try searching for wedding favor ideas here.

Otherwise, back to our discussion. The best way to make a difference with the details is to see things from a different angle. In the case of wedding favor ideas, that means thinking of wedding favors as more than just a gift to your guests. Wedding favors have come a long way. No longer are they just almonds in a bag or a little treat.

Now they can:

  • Decorate tables (candle favors, vase favors, photo frame favors).

  • Act as centerpieces by stacking or arranging in a desired way.

  • Serve as place card holders.

  • Hold photos for display.

  • Get guests involved by taking pictures to put in photo holder or album favors.

  • Carry your theme. Not only can they carry a beach or other theme by virtue of design, but if you don't find what you want, you can make your own custom design for your wedding favors, decorations, and other necessities.

  • Make your guests laugh or cry! You can get fortune cookie favors made with humorous, inspirational, or your very own messages inside!

  • Feed your guests (cookie favors, candy favors).

  • Decorate your bar while amusing your guests (wine charms, bottle stoppers, corkscrew favors, coaster favors, openers).

  • Serve your guests at the buffet table and at home (spreader favors, salt shaker favors, spoons).

  • Complement your coffee station (perfect blend favors, coffee cup and teacup candles, coffee spoons, honey straws).

  • Carry your theme and clean your guests! (bath soap favors, bath confetti, bath salt favors, bath fizz favors, soap petal favors).

See what we mean? The perfect wedding favor idea these days literally is a great wedding decoration and a wedding favor at the same time!

NOTE: If you're concerned about originality, or that someone might get to your wedding favor idea first, see our tips for keeping your wedding favors unique EVEN IF someone else uses the same favors. This is a lifesaver if it happens to you. And it's a lot easier to deal with than you might think.

Now all you have to do is combine your personality and wedding theme to come up with a great wedding favor idea that will both decorate your reception for you and amuse your guests as well.

And remember, you don't have to have a wedding favor for everyone. You can use them where you need them. You can use a wine favor or two where it's needed at the bar, a coffee favor where it's needed at your coffee station, a single candle favor here and there to decorate, or you can have your DJ give a few out as prizes during fun events at your reception.

Use your imagination and don't feel like they are limited to being wedding favors just because that's what they're called.

If you don't mind the work, a great wedding favor idea is to make your own favors. Use your imagination to buy and fill small baskets, tins, or organza bags with flowers, potpourri, candy, or whatever you can imagine. You can personalize these with favor tags or you can make your own favor tags.

Labels and tags, when used with custom or monogram stamps, can turn almost any favor into a personalized gift that makes a big difference with the small details.

You can also pick from and use them with stamps, labels, or tags to add a new dimension to virtually any favor - from do it yourself favors on up.

Any of our wedding favors can be customized with personalized tags. Some products include them for free with certain minimum orders. You can also add them for a small fee to other orders or buy them separately. Check individual product information pages in our store or email us for details.

Also, we've added wedding favors, labels, cake toppers, and self inking stamps for which you can create your own custom design!

Turn your wedding favor idea into reality at our wedding ideas store.